Tulips (dwarf and tall), daffodils (dwarf and tall), muscari, puschkinia, chionodoxa, snowdrops, hyacinths, crocus, alliums, fritillaria and many other bulbs arriving weekly from August to November.


Barrett Browning   

A very popular large white with a beautiful orange/scarlet cup. Growing to around

Height: 15-16"  38-40cm


Yellow medium sized daffodil that gives a light perfume. Will multiply vigorously.

Height: 16"   40cm


A slightly fragranced yellow garden with an orange cup

Height: 16"      40cm


A heavily scented double yellow.

Height: 14"      36-38cm

Golden Harvest 

Lightly scented, large yellow trumpet daffodil.

Height: 15-16"     38-40cm

Slim Whitman

White daffodil with a yellow cup. Perfumed.

Height: 14-15"     36-38cm

King Alfred 

A traditional yellow garden daffodil with a slight scent. 1st registered with the Royal Horticultural Society in 1899. One of the best known and largest yellow garden daffodils available.

Height: 15-16"   38-40cm

Red Devon

A creamy, yellow daffodil with an orangey red cup. Slightly perfumed.

Height: 19-20"     49-51cm

Sempre Avanti

Creamy, white daffodil with orange cup. Sempre avanti has a light perfume.

Height 14-16"     36-41cm

Scarlet Royal

A slightly scented, bright yellow with a scarlet/red cup.

Height: 14"  36cm

St Patricks day

A greenish, yellow garden daffodil with an unmistakeable green cup.

Height: 14-16"   35-40cm

Standard Value

Yellow standard daffodil with a slight fragrance.

Height:15-16" 38-40cm

White Lion

An excellent double white with yellow segments and an amazing scent. An RHS Awarded Garden Merit variety.

Height 16-18"   40-48cm

Pink Pride

Creamy white daffodil with pink cup. Lightly perfumed.

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Many other daffodil varieties available!

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Autumn bulbs available from September.


Planting instructions for daffodils

Plant in groups of 3, 5 or larger numbers. 

          Autumn bulbs can be planted from August to December in well-drained soil or compost. If you have clay soil, mix grit and compost through before planting to prevent bulbs from rotting. Anywhere that floods or lies in water over the winter will not suit most flower bulbs.

Planting garden daffodils

Depth: cover the bulb with soil twice the height of the bulb. Plant 5-6" deep for garden daffodils in full sun or part shade and divide after 5 years.

Planting dwarf daffodils

Plant in full sun or part shade 3-4" deep.



Purple sensation Mount Everest Lucy ball Ambassador Christophii contact us for more alliums

Spring daffodils

Spring daffodils

20 varieties of garden daffodils 10 varieties of dwarf far! while stocks last!

White garden tulips

White garden tulips

30 varieties of garden tulips in store while stocks last

Mixed daffodils

Mixed daffodils

No garden is complete without daffodils

Dwarf rockery tulips

Dwarf rockery tulips

Pinocchio Hearts delight Johann Strauss Red riding hood



Cusickii Leichtlinii



Purple, white, yellow, striped and blue Autumn Crocus Zonatus Autumn Colchicum



Bedding and prepared hyacinths in red, pink, blue, yellow and white.