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Lilies are perfect spring planting bulbs which provide colour and variety to any dull border or shrub bed. We have a variety of Lilies available from march onwards;

Asiatic lilies: dwarf orange, dwarf yellow, dwarf red & other colours.

Oriental lilies: (all highly scented) pink, white, yellow & other colours.

Ideal for planting into the ground, pots or containers on a patio.

If you require larger numbers please call for our best price as we also supply 1,000's every year to nurseries and landscapers.


Lilies can be planted in the spring. They can be left in the ground year on year providing they are in a well drained area. 

Plant lilies into a well drained compost or soil. If your ground is quite heavy you may need to add grit to help with drainage. (If the bulbs are too wet they may rot). You can add bonemeal when planting to provide a slow release feed, or liquid feed once the flowers are ready to unfurl.

If you are planting the lilies bulbs in pots add grit or stones to bottom of the pot for drainage. Plant 4"-6" deep in groups of 3+


If you would like your lilies to be ready early, you can use a technique called 'forcing'. This is achieved by planting them in pots and putting them into a warm environment - conservatory or greenhouse.


Oriental and asiatic lily bulbs £1.50 each.     4 for £5.       100 for £80.


Dwarf orange, red or yellow pixie lily bulbs £1.50 each.     4 for £5.     100 for £70.

For larger quantities contact us via email or by phone for special prices.

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