30lt Growbag £3.00
20kg Horticultural Grit £3.50
200lt Peat (Contact for Price)   
100lt Peat £4.95
Bonsai, Citrus, Orchid &
Cactus Compost (see in store for prices)
100lt Vermiculite £22.50
30lt Vermiculite £9.85
5lt Vermiculite £2.95
100lt Perlite £22.50
30lt Perlite £9.85
5lt Perlite £2.95
75lt Multipurpose Compost £5.95
60lt Multipurpose Compost £4.95
40lt Multipurpose Compost £3.50
25lt John Innes (Seed, No2 & No3)
Ericaceous Compost/ for lime hating plant
75lt Ericaceous Compost £5.95
40lt Ericaceous Compost £3.50
10lt Ericaceous Compost
40lt Manure £4.00
80lt Seed & modular £6.95 (smaller sizes are available in Store)
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SULPHATE OF AMMONIA: For strong leaf growth, ideal for a lawn or leafy veg.
BONEMEAL: Perfect base dressing for trees & shrubs. A gentle slow release feed. Perfect for Bareroot Hedging and Shrubs.
DRIED BLOOD: High nitrogen feed which improves grapes crop yield.
EPSOM SALTS/MAGNESIUM SULPHATE: Corrects soil deficiencies (mainly magnesium). Do not apply any more than twice a year.
FISH BLOOD AND BONE: General garden plant food for beds & borders.
GROWMORE: (N-P-K / 7-7-7) Can be used as a pre-fertiliser for a lawn or a base dressing for growing vegetables.
HOOF & HORN: A wonderful organic feed, high in nitrogen effect. Perfect for sweetcorn, tomatoes & lettuce.
SULPHATE OF IRON: To reduce the alkalinity of soils. Benefits all acid loving (ericaceous) plants.
LAWN FOOD: Spring/summer or autumn feed to maintain strong lush green lawns.
LAWN SAND: A mixture of sand and sulphate of iron which encourages drainage and helps with moss control.
GARDEN LIME: Use a PH soil testing kit to check the acid/alkaline level in the soil before applying.Reduces acid levels in the soil.
SULPHATE OF POTASH: Encourages fruit and flowers. Perfect for tomatoes, all fruit trees & bushes (apple, pear, plum, blackcurrant, raspberry, gooseberry etc).
ROSE FOOD: For strong blooms and conditioning the soils of roses use 3 times per year.
SUPER PHOSPHATE: Encourages strong healthly root growth ideal for fruit, seed and cuttings. - OUT OF STOCK
POULTRY MANURE (ORGANIC CHICKEN PELLETS): A slow release feed for the organic gardener who does not wish to use chemicals.


Fertilisers are available in 1kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg & 25kg.